About Us

Voted Number 1 By You 7 Years In A Row!

Established in 2001 in Burlington, Ontario, Kicks For Kids has a distinguished reputation for producing high performance athletes. Over the years Kicks For Kids has produced a large group of provincial, national and International champions up to and including two of our instructors carding for the Olympics. With so many Tae Kwon Do programs out there to choose from, Kicks For Kids has distinguished themselves by emphasizing high quality instruction, from instructors that are actively competing both Nationaly and Internationaly themselves. We have quickly become known as the place to be, for athletes wishing to take Tae Kwon Do competition to the next level. Several of our senior students have also continued on to become successful Coaches, Referees, and Instructors, who are passing on their knowledge and dedication to the next generation of Taekwondo athletes in the area.


Our state of the art Olympic training centres are the largest Martial Arts Schools in the Halton Region with over 10 000 square feet. Our training floors boast 4, 3 or 2 full size Olympic rings. We also supply large changeroom facililities, supervised and well lit snack and homework areas, open and comfortable parental viewing areas, professional reception areas and most importantly professional, courteous and educated staff and instructors.

At Kicks for Kids we teach the Official Olympic Sport of TAE KWON DO and specialize in martial arts instruction for students of all ages. Our schedule is convenient and classes are offered Monday to Saturday.

With over 700 active members our programs are by far the largest and most successful of their kind in the Halton Region. We currently offer North Americas’ Largest After School Martial Arts program that now picks up 300 students at most elementary schools in the Burlington, Oakville and Milton areas. These children are transported to our facility and receive 90 minutes of martial arts instruction daily.

All of the programs that we offer have been designed by a team of registered, practicing school teachers and Black Belt experts with an emphasis on building self-confidence and focus in children. Our classes are in a word EXCITING. The smile on the children’s faces says it all. We accept students from the age of 3 and up. OUR WORLD CLASS TEAM OF INSTRUCTORS, including both I.T.F. and W.T.F. Black Belt Instructors, offer years of experience, patience and teaching skills to help each and every student become the best that they can be. During our years in operation we have also been actively developing and implementing, several specialized programs dealing with issues such as Bully-proofing and programs for kids with A.D.D. & A.D.H.D. We teach these programs in many area elementary schools as well as in our daily classes. These programs have been extremely successful and give children the tools and confidence needed to deal with tough situations.

Here are just a few of the parent testimonials that we regularly receive:

“My son was bullied constantly at school, our family tried working with the school but it didn’t ever completely stop. Thank you to the professional and knowledgeable staff at Kicks for Kids for providing my son the skills needed so that he could end the behaviour. Today Nicholas is a self confident, successful young man about to begin high school. Thank you to the MacKinnon family for your warmth and kindness and your balanced staff of firm yet kind instructors”.


Cassandra Inverness

” I can’t believe I thought that Tae Kwon Do was just for boys and that my daughter wouldn’t be interested. Emeilya loves it, she is confident, happy, healthy and her grades have improved. Her teacher informs us that she is more outgoing, a great help and influence to her peers. Your staff is knowledgeable and professional”.

Thank you,

Ms. Dolce Mirabella