Other Programs

High Performance Athletes and Coaches (HPAC) Program

The HPAC Program has a distinguished reputation for producing high performance athletes. These elite Tae Kwon Do players represent not only Black Belt World, but but Ontario, Canada as well as themselves, through their earnest dedication to improve, to work as a team and compete locally, provincially, nationally, and at the highest international level.

Our colour belt and black belt teams will be taught all skills necessary to compete and succeed at the highest levels of the Tae Kwon Do game. In addition to nutritional councelling ( as needed at the black belt level ) the athletes will gain advanced knowledge of ring management, use high performance timing drills, footwork drills, kicking combinations, and use the most updated WTF recognised equipment.

Our team of HPAC Coaches led by the Head Coach and Olympic Coach of Canada, Master Shin Wook Lim, are all NCCP certified.

This competitive Olympic Sparring program is designed and dedicated for those athletes that are willing to dedicate themselves to the unrelenting pursuit of excellence and for the families which support them.



Tiny Tigers

Black Belt World’s Tiny Tiger program is designed specifically for children ages three to five. It is a non competitive environment with the focus being fun, fitness and fundamentals. In the Tiny Tigers program your child will build self discipline, self confidence, physical awareness and of course basic martial arts skills, and bully proofing techniques.

The 3 to 5 year old age group is a perfect time to introduce your child to Taekwondo, and set them up for a life long love of physical fitness. Our Tiny Tigers program will allow your child to learn martial arts in fun yet disciplined environment. The balance of fun and discipline is crucial at this level and Kicks for Kids has developed this Tiny Tigers program under the guidance of Taekwondo experts and educational experts of this age group so that our program will meet your child’s developmental needs in the most positive way.

Evening Classes

At Black Belt World we offer fun, high intensity, technical and non intimidating Tae Kwon Do classes for all skill levels. Our goal is to teach the highest quality of martial arts instruction to our members so that you receive the greatest value for your money. Black Belt World’s Adult, Teen and our Children’s classes will increase your physical abilities – stamina and flexibility as well as your mental awareness and confidence.

Classes are grouped according to age and belt levels so that each student is able to learn at a reasonable pace in a small group of students that are developing similar skills and techniques based on their ability, age and comfort level.

These Tae Kwon Do classes are suited for every age, every ability and gender. There is no need to wonder if Taekwondo is for you, give our introductory special a try or look for our Wag Jag offers to get started and you will soon find out what this versatile art and sport has to offer you, both mentally and physically.